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GST Reg. No: 08AJAPA7570J1Z8

HOMEOHOSP - Software

About The Software

"Homeohosp" is  the innovative web based Electronic Health Records (EHR) System software for Homeopathic Hospital, that can be accessed on Internet any time at any place.

In accordance with regulatory agencies guidlines such as CCH etc.the software maintain the web based computerized central registration system for imortant data (as mentioned below).

1. Records of patients in Out-Patient Department
2. Records of patients in In-Patient Department
3. Department-wise records
         - Case papers of Out-Patient Department
         - Case papers of In-Patient Department
         - Laboratory and radio logical investigation reports
         - Medicines dispensing register
         - Diet register for In-Patient Department patients
         - Duty roster of hospital staff
         - Birth and Death certificates
4. Number of beds occupied i.e., bed occupancy
         - Capture Date and Time of admission and discharge of each patient
         - Bed Occupancy = Number of bed days occupied X 100 / Number of beds X Number of days



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